Friday, July 15, 2016

Wow, and GRM

It was another perfect day. Mostly 60s, and we stayed dry again despite foreboding skies, and rain and rainbows all around us. 

Our trip now totals 6918 km since Orlando, that is 4298.65 miles. About 100 more than our original route - which is mostly dut to rerouting through Texas and New Mexico. 

Our trip has been amazing, adventurous, and if it is even possible to get better (but it seems it always is), this trip has allowed my relationship with my love to grow and bloom. This has been our own personal adventure, and we got out of it what we put in, and then some. 

Even though this is supposed to be our last day, my amazing wife has agreed  to undertake the Great Recovery Mission (the GRM) with me, and to fly back to Calgary later this summer and bring Sally back to the states. 

Jen, I love you. 

The rest of you, stay tuned for the Great Recovery Mission. 


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