Wednesday, July 6, 2016

House of Motorrad

The morning started off with a scheduled tire change at House of Motorrad. 

There is Sally up on the lift. It should have been quick and noneventful, but, unfortunately that was not the case. First, HoM took way too long - we got there at 10 as scheduled, but they didn't get Sally on the lift until after 11. 

When they got done I had some reconfiguring to do. The spare fuel cells were leaking, so we remounted them, and reoriented the saddle bags to put less stress on the top case mounts. 

Then we pulled out, only to find the new rear tire flat. 


Back to HoM for an inspection. After a bit they concluded that a loose valve stem was at fault, tightened it, reflex the tires to 36 / 36 and said we were all set. 

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