Wednesday, July 6, 2016


We did make it, and had dinner with Gayle Strong, albeit a bit behind schedule. 

Only 201 miles today, but it was a long day, with breathtaking views and amazing roads. And a few challenges. 

The temp got as low as 52, and Jen finally put on her winter gloves. I am so glad we made sure to have them so her fingers stayed comfortable. 

As to brakes and shifting.... much more. 664 shifts and 737 rear brakes. 

Probably most interesting, is after days of terrible gas mileage, about 38 mpg on average, today we averaged 51 mpg. Probably due to the generally lower speed off highway. 

Tomorrow starts early with bfast at Creek cafe, and a hopefully quick stop at Steamboat power sports before we head off for Wyoming. 


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