Thursday, June 30, 2016

List of destinations

So here's the current plan for each night:

Hoover, AL (July 1) Glenn Goldstein's home town
Harrison, AK (July 2)
Enterprise, KS (July 3)
Boulder, CO (July 4) - maybe meet Heath Briggs for dinner
Steamboat, CO (July 5) - meet Gayle Strong for dinner
Lander, WY (July 6) - just learned Heath was born here
Alta, WY (July 7) aka Targee
Hailey, ID (July 8) aka Sun Valley
Salmon, ID (July 9)
Syringa, ID (July 10)
Whitefish, MT (July 11)
Waterton, AB (July 12)
Invermere, BC (July 13-14)
Calgary, AB (July 15)
Then off to Seattle for Mandy's wedding, so 
Seattle, WA (July 16) and home, 
Orlando, FL (July 17)


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